How easy is it

What every smoker wants is to get up out of bed and not want to smoke anymore; that’s what happened to me and this book shows how that can happen for you. You will not believe how easy it is to stop smoking when you stop beating yourself up about how hard it is to give-up smoking. I simply changed what I was trying to do and the rest followed easily.

The book is funny and easy to read. It’s short and will show even the most hardened smoker how to stop with no sense of regret or painful withdrawal symptoms.

It will give you what every smoker wants, freedom from the desire to smoke.

"Andy, you have managed to do for me what countless acupuncture, hypnotherapists and shed loads of nicotine replacements have failed to do over many years. It took me about three hours to read your book, and by the end of it I just knew I was never going to smoke again”.

Brian (Maidstone - Kent)